Fall weekend home projects

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For those fall rainy-day weekends that keep you stuck inside, here are a few DIY home improvement projects that can be finished in a weekend... 

Spray paint your doorknobs and fixtures
This is a cheap and easy way to give your home an update. Spray paint any dated gold-colored doorknobs and fixtures bronze or nickel using metallic spray paint (be sure to apply painter’s tape and cover all nearby items). 

Make a mud room
Not planning on doing any major renovations to your home but still need a mud room? You can create a functional mudroom in your hallway by adding some molding, paint and hooks to an empty wall. Slide a shoe rack or boot tray underneath the hooks to offer a place to hang coats or sporting gear.

Upgrade your laundry room
Most of us spend a lot of time doing laundry, so it makes sense to create a warm and welcoming space to do it in. Consider installing a folding table, extra shelving, and using decorative glass dispensers to store laundry essentials such as clothespins, detergent and fabric softener. Don’t forget to hang some art or family photos on the walls as well.

Decorate your doors
If your home has plain hollow-core doors, you can give your house a completely new look by replacing them. If this isn’t in your budget, you can create the illusion of updated doors by using some trim and paint.

Makeover your closet
Who says your closet has to be dark and dull? Consider painting it, adding wallpaper and some lighting. Use a shelving system to add more storage space and organization. You may even want to remove the doors and add mirrored ones or a colorful curtain instead of a door. 

Perk up your pantry
Pantries are another area of your home, like closets and laundry rooms, often forgotten. However, with a glass or stained glass door, some modular shelving and a set of pretty canisters for dry goods, you can completely transform this space. If you don’t want your pantry’s contents on display, you could use a curtain instead of a door.

These are just a few super simple projects that you can easily tackle in a weekend—and without breaking your budget or too much of a sweat. Commit to doing two or three over the course of the season, and you’ll feel like you made good use of your indoor time!

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